Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sarah Palin will be interview by Charles Gibson This week.

I guess Palin has come out of "hiding" in Alaska. According to Sarah Palin has granted her first interview to Charles Gibson and the interview will occur later this week. It appears Gibson's decision not the question McCain about Palin's personal family life during the feeding frenzy last week led to him getting the interview. Gibson interviewed McCain during the convention and never gave asked about Palin's family, although he did ask about Policy positions and experience. It looks like the interview will take place this Thursday.

I have no doubt that Palin will handle herself very well in these interviews. She is very intelligent and should have no trouble answering policy questions. I'm also sure this interview will get huge ratings so probs to ABC for that.

I'm expecting a fair interview from Charles Gibson. I've never known him to be unfair to either party. I'm sure all the other media hounds are second guessing their attempts to belittle her and her family.

I would not expect to see Palin on NBC, or CNN due to their bias coverage of her right after the annoucement. I also don't think the American people will have a problem with her skiping those forums as long as she does interviews on the other networks, and answers questions at some events. Palin has bought life to the McCain campaign. If McCain wins this election I believe this pick will have a lot to do with it.

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  1. Now all that's left to be seen is whether Gibson makes this a real interview or a puff piece.

    Here are some key questions to me that must be asked and are absolutely related to her candidacy:

    1. A better explanation for her continued insistence that she said "Thanks, but no thanks" to Congress regarding the bridge to nowhere. The evidence on this is clear: she supported the bridge until it became a national scandal, and even then, she didn't return the money, she just didn't build the bridge. Her portrayal of these events is simply dishonest, and a candidate's tendency toward dishonesty is directly related to their qualifications for office.

    2. Why she is now insisting that the independent investigation in Alaska concerning her role in the termination of the state's top law enforcement official be called off and replaced with an investigation run by three of her own appointees before she will cooperate. Moreover, why is it that six other individuals who originally were cooperating with the investigation ceased to do so immediately following her nomination.

    3. Ask for detailed answers on her positions on Iraq, global warming, the economy, and health care. These questions should probe as to the depth of her understanding of these issues. Sloganeering should not be accepted as an appropriate response.

    None of those questions listed above are personal attacks, nor do they pry into her private life. They are all extremely related to questions of her governing philosophy, character, and knowledge of the issues. Any interview that does not delve into those issues will be accurately described as a puff piece.

    I'll judge the merits of this first interview based on those benchmarks.