Saturday, September 13, 2008

Obama makes fun of McCain for not being able to send an E-mail

So Barack Obama ran an ad today saying McCain is out of touch with America. One of the reasons listed was that he can't send an e-mail. While it is true that McCain can't send an e-mail it is because he's phyisicaly inable to so having his fingers broken during his time has a POW. Of course Obama once again failed to do any research. Here is a quote from a Washington Post article from 2000.

"McCain gets emotional at the mention of military families needing food stamps or veterans lacking health care. The outrage comes from inside: McCain's severe war injuries prevent him from combing his hair, typing on a keyboard, or tying his shoes. Friends marvel at McCain's encyclopedic knowledge of sports. He's an avid fan - Ted Williams is his hero - but he can't raise his arm above his shoulder to throw a baseball."

I don't think Obama intentionally made fun of McCain's war injuries. The ad does show someone who doesn't think before he speaks. It would've taken me two seconds to think, hmm I wonder if it has something to do with his status of a POW. Then ask one of my staffers, make sure this isn't related to his POW status before we shoot this ad. Obama just assumed that because McCain's an old man that must be the reason he can't use e-mail. Way to offend senior citizens and make fun of McCain's war injuries in one ad. Maybe next time you can make an ad that mocks.... I've been thinking for like five minutes and I can't think of anything worse. If you can leave it in the comments

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  1. I remember, that NObama wanted a "clean and fair" campaign. But HE (and his alies) is throwing with dirt, HE is mean, HE speaks about the "color of the skin-issue". This guy is the splitter of the nation!

    The newest rumors are about Sarah Palin. She is reported to have given friends well payed jobs, etc. - what's about NObama and the corruption in Chicago, he's involved? We should now strike back and get more informations how deep NObama is in this Chicago-Corruption.