Friday, September 12, 2008

What I was doing on 9/11

I guess this should've been posted yesterday, but like I said earlier this week I've been extremely busy.

I was running late for school, as usual, I basically got threw on some clothes and jumped in my car. On the radio it said that someone had flew a plane into the World Trade Center. I thought to myself "What an idiot! How do you hit a building? That must be the worst pilot in the world." Has I pulled into the parking place the second plane hit the towers. It was only then I realized what was going on. I said outloud, "Oh my God we're under attack." I got out of my car and walked into school. I kept looking around expecting something to blow up. I don't remember anything about what happened in class that day. I do remember there was a TV in the student lounge, I kept going in there every time I had the chance. I think watching the replay of the towers falling was probably the worst. Listening to the voices of the people watching the towers fall is what really got to me. One voice said "Oh, My God." The other said "Oh no, oh no!" You could hear the terror in their voice.

I also knew what was ahead of us on that day. I understood as did everyone else that this was going to be a long fight. I believed that the attack was just the start of series of attacks the U.S. mainland. I am honestly shocked it's seven years later and we haven't been hit again. No matter what you believe or think about President Bush he has to be given credit for that.

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