Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dow up almost 900 today! McCain closed the gap on Obama Yesterday

The Dow rose 900 one day after polls showed McCain closing the gap on Obama. Now I'm not saying the two have anything to do with each other, yes I am. It's well known that McCain has the support of the business community in America. A poll of small business owners had McCain up 64-36 among that group. McCain also has a four to one advantage with CEO's. With 74% of these CEO's saying Obama would be a disaster for the country.

He has this support because these entreprenuers understand the Obama's plan of raising taxes and imposing strict enviromental regulations on them would cripple their ablity to expand and cause them to lose money. If companies lose money they cut cost, and how do you cut cost? By firing employees. So Obama's plans will cause businesses to cut jobs, if they don't leave the country all together.

Obama would take America back into the double digit unemployment and the foreign policy disaster that was the Carter Administration. We have one week left let's do everything we can for McCain


  1. I saw that today. Out in here in PA I believe once the core of the "Bible/Gun clinging" voters get to the polls, PA will turn RED.

    I firmly believe that McCain will be the next POTUS.

  2. I'd like to see McCain win but when you rob Peter to pay Paul, you always get the vote of Paul. Obama is all over Paul and the millions of Paul look like they want to socialism a good try. After many lose their job and decide that the Obama government dole isn't all that great, we can start trying to go back to capitalism starting in 2010. For now. the promise of something for nothing from Obama is too great an enticement for Americans.

  3. Do you get your news only from FOX??

    Where is the poll that says McCain has 64% of CEOs on his side?
    Well, some selfish CEOs might support JM because they personally get BIGGER TAX CUTS from him. Obama has shown great maturity in planning an economic recovery. McCain has looked clueless.

    Having watched him carefully, I see him as a rare human being, incredibly mature beyond his years. He's also calm and collected, respectful and open-minded.

    Pls get yourself together and give your vote to Obama. Dont squander this!

  4. anj the links are below the first paragraph of the post.

    Also has for Obama being Open minded if you call not giving interviews to someone who will ask tough questions or trying to destroy a man's career for asking you a question after you asked him too openminded, then yea Obama is very openminded.