Wednesday, October 29, 2008

McCain's amazing three week campaign.

Since the Debate on October 15th has run a great campaign. Hitting Obama on the issue of taxes has been a winner without question. He has also been able to put some doubt into people's mind regarding Obama's judgement. Just today I heard him make a great speech about foreign policy in which he said that Obama hopes we forget about achieving victory in Iraq. He's climbing steadily in the polls and may pull this thing out after all. My question is what was going on before October 15th.

The McCain campaign made several mistakes right after the convention that allowed Obama to build this big lead. The biggest was definatly trying to control Sarah Palin. Palin is a great speaker and is used to answering questions honestly and not having a prepared response to every question. It was obvisous early on that the McCain campaign was telling Palin exactly what to say word for word. Of course that created the Katie Couric interview which I think we can all say was awful for both Palin and McCain. However they apparently have turned her loose, or she's broken loose, according to what story you believe. I saw her make a great speech about energy policy today. Here a clip from that speech.

Of course McCain has also been helped by comments Obama made about taxes. Joe the plumber may very well go down as the most influcial citizen of all time after asking Obama this question and getting Obama's response.

Spread the wealth is possibly the worst phase that can be used in a capitalistic system. It tells people don't bother working hard the government will just take from the rich people and give you money. So now there is no incentive to try and get ahead. Which means much fewer people will be working to create new industries and technologies. Therefore we will have fewer jobs and more people on government subsidies. This will eventually bankrupt the government.

Joe knows what he thinks of Obama's plan, he thinks it sounds like socialism.

McCain has hit Obama calling him socialistic since that comment. "At least in Europe, the Socialist leaders who so admire my opponent are upfront about their objectives," This has cut into Obama's numbers on the economy Obama has dropped from an eighteen point lead on that issue to just a ten point lead. There is still a week left for McCain to cut further into Obama's lead on this issue and I believe he will.

Alot of people felt like it was a mistake by McCain and Palin to go after the associations that Obama has had in the past. However if they did not go after them would the story about Obama speaking at an event honoring a former PLO spokesman come out. I highly doubt it. McCain is asking for the tape to be released the L.A. times is refusing to release the tape saying it promised it's source they would never release the tape just report on what was on it. Ayers was also reportedly in attendence.

McCain has issued two new ads, besides the Joe the plummer ad. I think both of them are brillant. This one shows what a McCain Presidency will look like and compares it to an Obama Presidency

This one is about the direction McCain wants to take the country.

I feel sure there is even more I could say about McCain's three week campaign with started on Oct 15th. However with just one week left in this three week campaign for the Presidency I think maybe the more important question is why didn't McCain start talking about these issues sooner?

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