Monday, November 3, 2008

McCain 285 Obama 253.

There it is. That's my prediction for the election. McCain takes Pennsylvania and New Hampshire in the Northeast. He holds Indiana, Ohio and the South stays soild to upset Obama. In this scenario McCain could lose Virginia and still win the election. Although I believe he'll win Virginia. The polls have been oversampling Democrats and undersampling Republicans the whole time because they believe more Democrats will show up at the polls. Let's get out the vote and prove that the Republican Party is still the dominant party in America. Let's prove we're still a center-right country. Finally let's stop Obama from turning America into France.
Stand up and fight!


  1. I'll trade predictions with you. You can find the enemy's predictions here.

    I do agree McCain will hold Indiana.

  2. Dude, I made the same prediction a month ago. Not sure if we picked the exact same states, I just went to one of those "Electoral Vote Calculator" sites and thats what I came up with. Found your site from MDOD, keep the faith brutha!

  3. Oh Please let this be the out come! Please!

    I am planning on taking 1/2 day off tomorrow or at least come in late to work. I remeber 2000, I ended up staying up all night... It was an event. I remeber, I think Dan Rather's set catching fire.. It also was the night I found Fox News Network. And I have watched them ever since!

    Beat the Hell outta - Obama Biden Ticket... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Whoop!