Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama Wins

Play the video and see the future.


  1. wow, that was pretty lame. way to try to scare people. why can't you at least keep an open mind and think, well even if you didn't choose him you can still get behind him and push for him to be great. wouldn't that be a better feeling instead of thinking that the world is going to end? as a republican that voted for him i am truly ashamed of how my party is treating the democrats. we can all just be americans, for once, lets just all be freakin americans and get behind our president.you help nobody with these type of posts.

  2. Kia,
    The post represents my feelings on the results not that I think we'll actually be hit by a nuclear bomb. If I really thought that I'd leave the country instead of staying here and fighting for what I believe in. In 2010 the conservative movement strike back.