Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama Better Organizine the White House Better Than He Did the Inauguration

"Optimistic chants of "change" and "O-bam-A" morphed into angered shouts of "Let us in!" outside the security gates to the inauguration. These folks had tickets, and they wanted in." Yet many didn't get in too see the event because of bad organization. "There was a "chaos of people, no line and no bullhorns with directions," said Haverkate. We were so disappointed that we missed the historical moment we'd be waiting for for months," he said. Another person who came all the way from California had this to say, "The entire experience was extremely disappointing, and I am utterly disgusted and appalled at the organization and preparation of this event," Well at least you didn't come from Michigan in your Wheelchair. After a bus ride from Detroit to D.C. Denise Robinson was twenty feet from the gate when it closed. Mayor John Bull from Coxsackie, New York who was also denied entry said this, "It's heartbreaking to think how far she came and how hard is was for her and her husband to fight through the crowds and push her wheelchair just to be shunned in the end."

First of all I feel bad for all those people who had tickets that were unable to get in to the inauguration. I know when I buy a ticket for an event I expect to be able to attend the event. However apparently that isn't the case if it's an event Obama is a part of. Obama if this is a preview of how you plan to run the country I'd say it's going to be a long four years.


  1. Reminds me of Stalinesque purge, doesn't it you? I wonder if this isn't a portent for his medical plan (way of depriving us.) May have been better off outside, if she'd been drinking coffee. From all I hear about the inadequacy of the Portoilet facilities.

  2. You know that the Obama people weren't the ones who organized this ball, right? I don't see how it says anything about how he'll run the country.