Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama is no Abe Lincoln Here's the Proof

So apparently somehow Obama got the idea he is the next Abraham Lincoln. Maybe it's all the media coverage saying how great he is even though he hasn't accomplished anything yet. Or it could be that he's just an overconfident self-absorbed egomaniac.
This quote from June 29th 2005 tells us everything we need to know. "This week comes the previously careful Sen. Barack Obama, flapping his wings in Time magazine and explaining that he's a lot like Abraham Lincoln, only sort of better. "In Lincoln's rise from poverty, his ultimate mastery of language and law, his capacity to overcome personal loss and remain determined in the face of repeated defeat--in all this he reminded me not just of my own struggles." "Mr. Obama said he keeps a photographic portrait of Lincoln on the wall of his office, and that "it asks me questions."

"I'm sure it does. I'm sure it says, "Barack, why are you such an egomaniac?" Or perhaps, "Is it no longer possible in American politics to speak of another's greatness without suggesting your own?"

Obama was sworn in on the Lincoln bible a feat no other President, probably because of modesty, had ever attempted. His Inauguration dinner is a tribute to Lincoln's favorite foods. If you want to see the menu you can go here. After that he took the same route that Lincoln had traveled in the inaugural parade. He also is took the same train route Lincoln took to D.C.

Lincoln owned his own business and was a Captain in a state militia. He learned leadership in these areas. Show me one place Obama learned leadership. Being a senator for 143 days before he started running for office doesn't even come close. Even if you take the liberal number of 304 days that's still less than a year of experience. Plus Obama now has exactly 12.5 hours of executive experience. Something Lincoln learned has a business owner and a Captain.

President Lincoln did what he had to do to keep this country united. Including suspending Habeus Corpus rights. Obama can't handle the fact that we use enhanced interrogation techniques on people that want to kill us all. They even want to kill the liberals. Of course from talking to liberals I know they'd rather we sacrifice ourselves for our ideals. What good are ideals if their is no one alive to defend them? I'm all for standing up for what I believe in. I do it all the time. That's what being a conservative is, but when I believe in something that's contrary to what liberals believe in they say I'm a coward because I won't die for their ideals.

Lincoln made hard decisions in possibly the most difficult time in American history. I think the fact we still exist as a union 143 years after the civil war proves he made the right decisions.

Hearing Obama compared to Lincoln is absurd. How absurd? Let's Compare these two men.

President Obama:
The First African American President

44th President of the U.S.

3 terms in Illinois State Legislature

4 years as U.S. Senator

Called for withdrawal from Iraq in 2006

Backed off his promise to take
public financing in General Election

President Lincoln:
The First Republican President

16th President of the U.S.

4 terms in the Illinois State Legislature

1 term has U.S. Congressman.

Spoke out against slavery said it was
"founded on both injustice and bad policy."

Made Thanksgiving a national holiday

Captain of Illinois Militia company

Known has honest Abe

Ran a small business

Worked to pass the 13th Amendment of the
Constitution ending slavery

suspended Habeus Corpus during Civil War

Won the Civil War

Obama may have a similar biography as Lincoln, but that is where the similarities end. He has neither the courage nor the conviction to be anywhere near the man Lincoln was much less the President. I wish Obama well as President I hope he does a good job however the first thing he needs to do is realize there is only one Abraham Lincoln.


  1. He keeps trying to channel President Lincoln but it's not working. No matter how hard he tries, he'll never be able to make the connection between himself and Abe.

    I knew Abe Lincoln and Obama is no Abe Lincoln.

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  3. We he (the most exalted holy Barack Obama) is soon to add 'making deadbeats rich' to his list of accomplishments. http://www.eclecticwill.com/2009/01/high-expectations/


  4. Interesting that you'd focus on Obama's ego when it was Bush who actually thought he was called upon by God to be president. I think that's just a little more egotistical than Obama.