Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Obama and Bush in a dead heat.

A new poll as come out showing that when people are given a choice between Obama and Bush Obama only comes out with 50% of the vote. Bush actually gets 44%. I guess the other 6% were stoned. Now while this technically means Obama is still more popular than bush you have to remember that when President Bush left office his approval ratings were below 30%. I figure in about six more months Bush will be leading in this hypothetical matchup.
Obama has shown over and over again he is not a strong leader. From taken way too long on his decision on Afghanistan, to being all over the place on the public option and healthcare. If Obama wants to survive the midterms he is going to have to find his backbone if he ever had one to begin with.


  1. I have been saying the same thing, but I am one who doesn't believe that he ever had a backbone.....just people like Jerimiah Wright and William Ayers to pull his strings. He now has more though, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, John Kerry.....

  2. @elwoodin

    there is an additional very dangerous person, who pulls obama's strings: george soros! he might be the most dangerous person of all behind obama.

    but we are getting closer and closer to the election 2010. it's housecleaning time. we need to inform the voters and get the right folks in the offices. with my website i give the information, the voters need to make a educated decision and vote wisely