Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mexico upsets America ON OUR BORDER!

That's right America has just ceeded terrority to Mexico! The U.S. Fish and Wildlife service has closed part of a national park due to drug smuggling and other illegal activity on the border. “It’s literally out of control,” said Babeu. “We stood with Senator McCain and literally demanded support for 3,000 soldiers to be deployed to Arizona to get this under control and finally secure our border with Mexico.“

How are we going to keep Americans from going into this part of the park. More guards telling them to stay away perhaps, No! Instead we're using the time tested method of posting signs. I can see the press conference now. "President Obama two fourteen year old girls were killed on the border by Mexican drug lords today, what do you have to say about that?" President Obama: "Can't they read didn't they see those signs I had posted."

Of Course Sheriff Paul Babeu had much more to say on the subject. We need support from the federal government. It’s their job to secure the border and they haven’t done it,” said Babeu. “In fact, President Obama suspended the construction of the fence and it’s just simply outrageous.” Oh great no fence either. Let me see if I have this right President Obama wants no troops, no barriers, is it possible he wants no borders?

This just makes me angry. The situation on our border is becoming unbearable. This is why we have to secure our borders now! Let's send some troops down there and stop the crime that is occuring on our border and the illegal immigration. Then after we have secured a permanent solution to the problem we can perhaps talk about Immigration Reform. However just like the oil spill it's hard to accomplish anything until you stop the leak. I think the sheriff sums this up best, “We need action. It’s shameful that we, as the most powerful nation on Earth, … can’t even secure our own border and protect our own families.”

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