Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How Republicans can retake control of the country.

I've been thinking alot about how Republicans can retake control of congress. The first thing they could do is act like Republicans. Allowing spending to get out of control, apparently President Bush misplaced his veto pen after the 04 elections, was a major reason we lost control of congress. However, it was not the only reason. Republicans also have a bad record on the environment, energy, and education. I know that we've tried to drill for more oil and were blocked by the Dems, but were not doing a good job of telling the public that we do support alternative energy. We have to tell people that we want to drill now and switch to alternative energy when everyone can afford to do so. If we go to alternative energy before it's affordable people will be in worse shape than they are now, Ethanol isn't cheap. We also have to remind people that the Republican controled congress raised CAFE standards. I personally don't think that we should have cars that go less than 25 miles a gallon. I would put a 100% tax on automobiles that did not meet that standard. I know I said we should have a tax not all taxes are bad. For the most part the fewer taxes the better, but a tax to discourage someone from buying a Hummer that gets ten miles a gallon I'm all for. This tax should help us use less gas and therefore loosen the grip of countries like Saudi Arabia on our foreign policy. We would also stop funding terrorism through our purchases of gasoline. Some comerical automobiles like 16 wheelers, and other vechicals driven by truckers would be excluded from the tax. I don't want to put anyone out of business.

Now onto something we can all agree on keeping taxes low. I believe that low taxes encourages investment in the ecomony. It doesn't matter if it's someone deciding to start a small business or investing in the stock market low taxes are key to getting that capital in the economy. Obama has said he wants to raise the capital gains rate and raise taxes on people making more than $250,000 dollars a year. What Democrats seem to always forget is that most small business make more than $250,000 a year. However they put much of that money back into their businesses to keep it running. If you raise taxes at that level you will put a strain on these small businesses. Then they won't be able to hire new employees and the unemployment rate will rise. Then those people that can't find work will need government services to keep food on the table. So they'll go down to the welfare office, because they won't be able to find work, and apply for welfare. Then the Democrats will raise taxes again to pay for all the new people collecting welfare.

Of course the biggest issue Americans are facing is national security. Our country is facing threats from Islamic radicals who have already proven they will hit us at home if they can. Iraq is actually begining to turn around. Iraqi troops are leading and winning battles against extremist inside Iraq. The battle in Basra is the best example of this. Iraqi troops went into Barsa and cleared out the extremist and have been able to hold the city with a minimum of American help. Iraqi troops are now the ones taking most of the casualites. They are now leading operations throughout the country. One party wants to fight terrorism wherever it finds it, and that includes Iraq. The other party wants to talk to terrorists wherever they find them. I can't wait to take this debate to the people.

For some reasons Republicans have done a terrible job getting their message to the American people. I believe our message is the right one for the country, but we're not communicating it effectively. You could blame the media, you could blame the democrats, but I blame the Republicans. They did spent 6 years acting like Democrats while in control of Congress. Hopefully that beating in 06 thought them a lesson. They got what they deserved.

However the country does not deserve to be run into the ground by liberals. We need to speak with one voice when talking about policy. Newt Gingrinch did an unbelievable job being our voice in the 90's. Now we need a new voice to speak for the Republican Party. Someone the people trust and that hasn't been stained by the spending spree the Republican congress went on recently. Anyone have any ideas?

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