Saturday, December 6, 2008

Planned Parenthood in action

This is an undercover video where a college students posing as a 13 year old girl goes for an abortion. She tells the "nurse" that her boyfriend is 31. Under State Law the "nurse" is required to report this to the police. Instead she tells the girl how to cover up the crime and directs her to an out of state facility.

If this was just one nurse in one Planned Parenthood it would still be bad. However it's more than that I've heard and seen stories about this for years now. If a 13 year old girl is pregnant by a 31 year old man there is a good chance it's a teacher or a relative. By not reporting these crimes to the police Planned Parenthood allows this person to continue raping children. I'm sure the nurse thinks she's doing the right thing and has probably been trained to do this. Which makes it even more disturbing. I wonder how many rapist take their victims to Planned Parenthood for an abortion or the morning after pill every day? Scary thought isn't it?

Millions of Drunken Obama Kool-Aid Drinkers Expected to Invade Washington D.C. for Inauguration Week. Here's an idea... Let's Extend Bar-Time to 5am

From Conservatism Today

Take millions of people, already hopped-up on hallucinatory visions of hope and change. Add in lots of booze, and leave the bars open all week long, with alcohol prohibited for just two hours per day.

What could go wrong?

Hoping to tap in to an inaugural bonanza, the D.C. Council Tuesday night voted in favor of extending last call to 5 a.m. and allow bars and restaurants to serve food around the clock during inauguration week.

Millions of visitors are expected to descend on the city to celebrate Barack Obama's presidential swearing-in on Jan. 20. The council hopes to accommodate the throng by allowing licensed restaurants and taverns to serve drinks later and to keep their doors open 24 hours a day for the whole week.

Sounds perfectly reasonable.

Council member Jim Graham, Ward 1 Democrat, who introduced the bill, said the measure will allow the city's entertainment industry to "engage fully" in inauguration week, which includes Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Jan. 19.

Mr. Graham said the measure also will encourage celebrations that are safely indoors. He pointed to the boisterous revelers on election night as an example for the city to try to avoid.

"On election night there were just throngs of people who were pouring into the street, and I think people may be safer celebrating inside than be wandering the streets," he said.

Yes, I can see how this would allow people to "engage fully" in the festivities. Has anyone studied the effects of combining Obama Kool-Aid with other mind-altering drugs? No need, D.C. will soon become one big laboratory.

The Democrat council member makes a good point. People would be much safer inside than they would be wandering the streets. One question: How exactly does he intend to keep these people inside? They have to leave eventually, no?

Now, I am against the legislation of closing times for bars to begin with. I believe it is highly discriminatory against people with odd working hours and/or sleeping habits. That being said, if ever there were a time when you want to cling to existing laws, I think this might be one of them. There must be some other reason all these Dems are behind this...

Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray, a Democrat, said at a press conference on Monday that the bill would allow the city to cash in on a lot of extra revenue.

Mr. Graham agreed.

"It's not a principal factor behind the legislation, but given these economic times it is a factor," he said. "There are certainly concerns regarding city revenue, and with the inauguration there's definitely a lot to be had," he said.

Ah, yes. Money. Show a Democrat a way to gouge taxpayers to the fullest, and they'll implement it. Public safety be damned.

I suppose I could think of worse things than the idea of gathering a couple million of the biggest leftists in the country in one spot for a week, letting the booze flow like a faucet, and sitting back and watching it all play out. Of course, conservatives will end up saving the day when the National Guard gets called in.

Plaxico Burress on gun safety

Just saw this video over at Little Green Footballs. I'm still laughing.

Friday, December 5, 2008

$1 gas?

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Oil prices hit four-year lows Friday as employers cut the highest number of jobs in 34 years. The continuing decline in prices is so dramatic and so sudden that it is raising the prospect that gas prices could soon fall below $1 a gallon.

The worst jobs data in 34 years on Friday just added more fuel to the deepening global recession as U.S. employers slashed a far worse-than-expected 533,000 jobs in November and the unemployment rate rose to a 15-year high of 6.7 percent.

A gallon of gasoline can be had for 50 cents less than it cost just last month, and people are starting to talk about $1 gas.

Granted, gas prices are a long way off from that magic number last seen in March 1999when prices were at 97 cents a gallon, according to motor club AAA. Prices at the pump fell 1.6 cents overnight to $1.773 nationally, according to AAA, the Oil Price Information Service and Wright Express.

But consider what has happened since July 11 when a barrel of oil hit a record $147.27 and a gallon of gas was $4.117 on July 17. In less than five months, oil has fallen 72 percent.

Just this week, in which the National Bureau of Economic Research determined that the U.S. is in recession, oil has fallen 25 percent.

On Friday, light, sweet crude for January delivery settled at $40.81 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, down by nearly $3 per barrel. Prices fell as low at $40.50, levels last seen in December 2004.

Gasoline futures for January delivery tumbled to 90 cents.

For gas prices to get close to a $1, oil prices probably would need to fall another $10 a barrel — something that would have been impossible to fathom during the first part of this year as oil prices soared near $150 per barrel.

"Just seeing that '1' up there is just hard to imagine," said Kevin Keating, 65, an attorney as he filled up his Volvo S60 at a station in Phoenix that advertised prices at $1.67. "Wasn't that long ago that we worried about the '4' being up there."

Prices in New York City are well above the national averages, but still well off their highs of nearly $5 this summer.

"When gas prices are OK, we make a little profit," said Mamady Kourouma, 36, a cab driver from Guinea who paid $2.41 a gallon at a station in Chelsea.

With wages stagnant, home prices plummeting and foreclosure rated soaring, dollar-a-gallon gas may help mom fill up in the family minivan and cab drivers in New York City, but prices that low also would truly speak to how rotten the economy has become.

"The economy at that point worldwide would be in a serious, serious deterioration," said Geoff Sundstrom, spokesman for AAA.

Tom Kloza, publisher and chief oil analyst at Oil Price Information Service, said Thursday on his blog that retail prices could fetch $1.25 a gallon soon in parts of the Midwest, including Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri.

Already, some parts of the country are seeing prices around that level. The Web site, where motorists can post local gas prices, motorists can fill up for $1.29 in Neelyville, Mo., a village of about 500 people near the Arkansas state line.

The jobs number suggests that demand for gasoline, which has been running well below year-ago levels even with the cheaper prices in the last several weeks, will fall even more in early 2009 as work-related driving plummets, said Kloza.

"I believe that January 2009 will represent the most 'challenging' and ugly economic month of my lifetime, and my first memory is of Sputnik," Kloza said.

There is plenty of reason to suspect Kloza is right.

Since the start of the recession, the economy has lost 1.9 million jobs, the number of unemployed people has increased by 2.7 million and the jobless rate is up 1.7 percentage points. The meltdown in financial markets has crushed lending, the Detroit 3 are on the brink of bankruptcy without a big government bailout.

Friday's report was much deeper than the 320,000 job cuts economists were forecasting. If there is a plus side it is that the unemployment rate did not climb to the 6.8 percent level economists were expecting.

Kloza does not believe prices will make it to a $1. Gas prices neared a dollar last time on Dec. 18, 2001, three months after the terrorist attacks and the country in its last recession, when prices hit $1.08 a gallon.

Though the weak gasoline prices point how bad the economy is, they also could help it turnaround.

Kloza figures the U.S. gasoline bill at $1.75 per gallon average will be about $20.5 billion this month, down about $16 billion a year ago. Five years ago, the bill was $17.2 billion.

"That could be one important spur to some kind of economic recovery," Sundstrom said.

In other Nymex trading, gasoline futures tumbled 6.83 cents to settle at 90 cents. Heating oil slid 8.26 cents to $1.4265 a gallon while natural gas for January delivery shed 24.7 cents to sell at $5.77 per 1,000 cubic feet.

In London, January Brent crude slipped by $2.42 cents to $39.86 on the ICE Futures exchange.,2933,462905,00.html

O.J. Guilty

O.J. Simpson will spend at least the next nine years of his life behind bars for his role in a robbery in a hotel room in Vegas. Simpson tried to explain and apologize for his actions in the same breath saying, "I didn't mean to steal anything from anybody ... I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all of it."

However it looks like O.J. drew the wrong judge for leniency. Judge Glass is described has "a no-nonsense judge known for tough sentences." Simpson could face has many has 33 years in prison. Which would effectively be the rest of his life. However he's up for parole in nine. As for parole don't count on it. "The prosecutor also said that because the crimes were considered violent felonies, Simpson and Stewart will not be eligible for good-behavior credits to lessen their sentences. He did not expect them to be immediately released when they do seek parole.

So why was this prosecutor able to convict the NFL legend. To put it simply he had it on tape. "Jurors who heard 13 days of testimony said after the verdict that they were convinced of Simpson's guilt because of audio recordings that were secretly made of the robbery at the Palace Station casino hotel."

"District Attorney David Roger revealed that Simpson and Stewart had both been offered plea agreements during the trial that would have resulted in lesser sentences. He would not provide details." I remember Simpson's attorney saying something to the affect of "Mr. Simpson has great faith in the jury system."

While O.J. may now have less faith in that system it helped Ron Goldman's family
the man O.J. was acquitted of murdering in 94 along with his Nicole Brown Simpson) regain some of theirs. "We are thrilled, and it's a bittersweet moment,"Fred Goldman said. "It was satisfying seeing him in shackles like he belongs. After sentencing was over, the Goldmans left the courtroom and Kim threw her arms around her father and wept." The Goldman's even took some credit for Simpson's plight stating that their "relentless pursuit" of his assets "pushed him over the edge."

Nicole Brown Simpson's sister, Denise Brown, released a statement from her family referring to the date her sister and Ron Goldman were killed, "Allowing wealth, power and control to consume himself, he made a horrific choice on June 12, 1994, which has spiraled into where he is today," the statement said.

This seems like a fitting end to the saga that has been O.J. Simpson. Since the murder trail in 1994 in which many people believe he got away with two murders. He has been in trouble several times. Mostly Domestic disputes and I believe at least one case of road rage. However it appears that the O.J. Simpson saga has finally come to an end with this conviction.

Recount over, Coleman still leads

The Recount in Minnesota is over, at least the recounting part any is anyway. Coleman is up by 192 votes. However there are still 133 missing ballots from Minneapolis. Coleman started the recount with a 215 vote lead. So even with all of Franken's deceit he only made up 23 votes. However there are 6657 challenged ballots. Coleman challenged 3,376 ballots and Franken challenged 3,281. However from my experience has a poll watcher this election I seriously doubt this election will be swung by challenged ballots. Anyone can make a challenge for any reason including no reason. I feel sure most of these challenges fall under the category of for no reason.

With what I am now calling a Republican victory in Minnesota and Saxby's big win in Georgia. The Republicans will have 42 seats in the U.S. Senate. This should help us keep the Democrats in check since we will be able to sustain a filibuster if it's necessary. Also remember that the out of power party usually picks up seats in the Presidents first midterm. Also I believe 2012 is supposed to be a good year for Republicans in the Senate meaning were challenging for more seats than were defending. So it's possible that we could take the senate back in 2012. I figure we'll also pick up seats in the House in 2010. Whether or not we pick up more in 2012 will depend on how Obama does as President.

2012 Conservatism Strikes Back

The Case for Boise State

Sorry guys I have to go off-topic every once in a while to talk about my other passion college football. In this case America's underdogs may be screwed out of a chance to play in a BCS game. I'm not saying Boise should be playing for the national title. Although if there was a eight team playoff they should be in that.

The Boise State Broncos are 12-0. Their competition for the final BCS birth is 10-2 Ohio State. Boise plays in a weak conference, but they did go to Oregon (14) and win 37-32. That was the only game this year Boise did not win by double digits. eight times they held their opponents to 10 points or less. They average 39.4 points a game. Lets not forget Oregon blasted Oregon State 65-38 last Saturday. Oregon State would have gone to the Rose bowl with a win. Instead Oregon State finishes third in the Pac 10 behind Oregon and USC.

Ohio State had two chances to make a BCS bowl this year. The third game of the year against USC in which they were dominated 35-3. The score doesn't show how badly they were beaten. They changed quarterbacks after the game. Later in the season they were given another shot to make a BCS game against Penn State. A win there would've given them the Big ten title and a trip to the Rose Bowl. They lost 13-6 at home. This time with their new quarterback Terrell Pryor. It seems obvious to me that Ohio State's offense can't handle top notch defenses no matter who the quarterback is. However Ohio State has beaten two teams in the top 25 this season, Michigan State (21) and Northwestern (22).

It seems to me that a school that has already failed twice to earn a trip to a BCS game shouldn't be allowed to have a third bite at the apple. Everyone outside of Ohio knows Ohio State will be dominated by any of their potential challengers. As far as I'm concerned Boise State will give Texas or Oklahoma a much better game and it will certainly be more interesting than watching Ohio State go run, run, pass, punt for sixty minutes.

I know that Boise State hasn't played anyone outside of Oregon all year, but that's because no one has the guts to put them on the schedule. Even if they did it would be a one shot deal. None of these big schools are going to risk their season on taking a trip to Boise to play on the blue turf. The truth is Ohio State has two quality wins to Boise's one. However Boise has no losses and Ohio State has two. Plus Boise Dominated the teams they played this year. The Oregon game was the only game they played that was really competitive. However I have watched the Broncos on a few occasions this season I have seen that they never take a play off no matter what the score is. Boise is capable of beating any team that makes the mistake of lining up in front of them. I hope the BCS selection committee gives them the chance to prove me right by placing them in a BCS game Sunday at 8pm on FOX.

Back in Business

Wow has it really been over a week since my last post. Sorry about that. Like I said I was on vacation for awhile. I'm going to put up at least two new post today (not counting this one.) I've already started on one of them. Well I better get back to work.