Thursday, October 2, 2008

Debate Reaction

My first Reaction is Sarah Palin at the very least held her own. In a focus group at the end of the debate on Fox News almost everyone said Palin won the debate. The group on Fox said Obama won the debate last time. So there goes your argument about bias liberals.

I think we'll know more about who one after the fact checkers get their spin out tomorrow morning. Until then I'm withholding my opinion except to say that Palin did well and exceeded expectations.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Senate passes new bail out bill 74-25

The Senate passed the new bail out bill today. The 74-25 majority gives it momentum heading into the House. The bill also includes extra tax cuts and an increase in teh FDIC insurance to $250,000.

The real story here is that Jim Demitt and Bernie Sanders are in agreement.

Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., a leading conservative, said the step was "leading us into the pit of socialism."

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, an independent who's a self-described socialist, said the rescue was fundamentally unfair.,2933,431561,00.html

More on that development tomorrow night.

Live blogging tomorrow night over at the Patriot Room

I think their had been some confusion. I will doing the next Presidential debate. We've decided to go back to the Patriot Room to watch Palin destory Biden tomorrow night.

The Scariest thing I've ever seen

This is just frightening. It creeped me out watching it. I saw a post on another site that side it was Children of the cornish. I couldn't place it at the time but that's exactly the felling I got. I've seen Children of the Corn and that's exactly what this reminds me of. If you haven't seen the movie rent it and then try and tell me you don't agree. If you change the word Obama to God it's the song I sung in Church this Sunday. It's a worship song to Obama. These kids have been brainwashed by liberals. Maybe when they're old enough to think for themselves they'll meet some conservatives who can save them.

The other distrubing thing NBC President Jeffery Zucker is behind the video. This should be enough proof for the three people that still thought NBC was fair to admit they were wrong.
The video went down about the time I made this post. If I find it somewhere else I'll repost it. Looks like the Dems weren't too happy with conservatives talking about what they were doing.
Video back up. Looks like it was a problem with You Tube. I'm still blaming the liberals, it just seems like the right thing to do. lol

Bail out Bill killed in House taken up by Senate

This is a tough situation to be in, but we are in it. It was be great if the Democrats had listened to John McCain about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac instead of insisting there was nothing wrong. Instead they inferred the Republicans were racist for saying there was a problem. Honestly, looking at those hearing they might as well have just said, "You just don't want minorities to own houses." However it happened were here and something needs to be done.

Yesterday the Economic rescue package was dead. It was killed after Speaker Pelosi delivered a partisan speech on the House floor right before the bill. The speech blame Republicans for the entire problem and left many Republican lawmakers thinking they were about to be thrown under the bus with Rev. Wright and Obama's Grandmother. The vote come down 228-205. Only 65 Republicans supported the measure. That is far fewer than the 100 that was projected earlier. It appears that a partisian speech by Pelosi may have caused so few Republicans to vote for the bill.

However the bill is not dead. The Senate will take up the matter tomorrow. If it passes, and all indications are it will it will be sent back to the house for approval. The new verison will include an increase of FDIC insured money from $100,000 to $250,000. It also includes tax cuts for businesses.

"Another possible change to the bill would modify "mark to market" accounting rules. Such rules require banks and other financial institutions to adjust the value of their assets to reflect current market prices, even if they plan to hold the assets for years.

Some House Republicans say current rules forced banks to report huge paper losses on mortgage-backed securities, which might have been avoided.

Congressional leaders hope the half-dozen changes under discussion will be enough to persuade as few as six House Republicans and six Democrats to undo Monday's stunning vote.",2933,431101,00.html

So even though Speaker Pelosi tried to kill this bill by putting all the blame for the problem on Republicans, then following it up by putting all the blame for the bill's failure on Republicans. We may have an improved conservative version signed into law by week's end.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I think she killed the bill on purpose!

Check out the video and see if you agree

Monday, September 29, 2008

I know what happened today, but I've been to busy to write about it.

I know the bailout bill failed today. I'm haven't been able to see pelosi's speech so I can't comment on it. I plan to have a post up I have to drive my boss 2 and a half hour both ways tomorrow. I need to be up at 7am. Because of this I will be posting my response tomorrow night. Please check back I promise it will be good.

Boehner says without McCain "they'd have run over me like a freight train"

To those who don't believe McCain needed to be in D.C.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Who is Barack Obama?

This election is determining who will run the most powerful country in the world for the next four years. It cannot be decided based on a popularity contest. McCain must get people to see Obama to be the slick slimely politician that got every other competitor kicked off the ballot to become State Senator in Illnois. That was Chicago politics," said John Kass, a veteran Chicago Tribune columnist. "Knock out your opposition, challenge their petitions, destroy your enemy, right? It is how Barack Obama destroyed his enemies back in 1996 that conflicts with his message today. He may have gotten his start registering thousands of voters. But in that first race, he made sure voters had just one choice."

Obama became a community organizer in Chicago to further his political career. There is absolutly nothing wrong with that. Unless he tries to pretend like he just wanted to help the poor and the thought of running for office wasn't even on his mind. Which of course he has been doing.

Bobby Rush defeated Barack Obama in the 2000 Democratic Primary for a U.S. House seat. Representative Rush, a former Black Panther, said that Obama wasn't black enough during the campaign. “The accusations were that Obama was sent here and owned by the Jews,” Kindle said. “That he was here to steal the black vote and steal black land and that he was represented by the—as they were called—‘the white man.’ And that Obama wasn’t black enough and didn’t know the black experience, the black community." Also State Sen. Donne Trotter, said Obama was seen as "the white man in blackface."

Statements such as these are why Obama alligned himself with people like Rev. Wright and Father Phleger. Obama could not afford to look like he was walking away from the black community, which is exactly what leaving Trinity United would've symbolized, so he stayed in Trinity United even when he heard (in my opinion he had to hear them) the remarks about the U.S. come from the pulpit. He stayed with the church for the same reason he became a community organizer, to further his political career. Some people might consider that smart politics. Others would say that there is something severely wrong with attending a church for political reasons. I'll let you make the call on that. Whatever the reason it doesn't seem like Obama is a "different kind of politican" to me.

Rev. Wright and Father Phleger were not the only controversial people Obama associated with. He also associated with William Ayers a known terrorist you as said that his group Weather Underground did not do enough during their time in operation. Another person Obama has been liked to in Tony Rezko. Obama was part of a land deal with Rezko in which his wife bought a lot next to Obama's house. This allowed the Obamas to acquire their house at a reduced price. Rezko was under indictment at the time of this transaction. Tony Rezko is now a convicted Felon. There are several others however I only have so long to live so if you interested in the other connections go to this site.

According to the National Journal Obama was the country's most liberal senator in 2007. In 2005 he was 16th most liberal and in 2006 he was 10th most liberal. In other words the closer he got to the Democratic Primary the further left he went. Although I'm not sure I'd be voting for the 16th most liberal member either that means there were 84 Senators less liberal in 2005 than Barack Obama. That was before he was even running for President! In contrast Hillary Clinton was the
16th most liberal in 2007. She also got more liberal every year going into the primaries. So it's obvious that Obama is voting based on the political conditions of the moment. He does not make decisions based on convictions like John McCain has done. I think we all know the votes I'm talking about.

After all of this I still think the most distrubing thing about Obama is his inexperience and Judgement. I guess the people he has surrounded himself with speaks to his judgement, but his inexperience is also a major problem. Even though most people (according to the early polls) thought Obama won the debate Thursday night. I think McCain should say with the "he doesn't understand" line. Maybe even throw in some comments about him being a freshman or a rookie while he's at it. Eventually that will stick in the mind of the American people. I don't want the guy who delivers the paper to become the editor of the paper overnight, and I don't want Obama to go from freshman Senator to President of the United States overnight. This is the most powerful country in the world. We need someone at the wheel who knows how to handle the ship. Perhaps someone who has been a Captain in the Navy.

Everyone is entitled to the American dream, but it's something you have to work for. Obama wants it handed to him having done nothing to earn it. If Obama becomes President it would be like handing the keys to a new Ferrari to a sixteen year old kid who just got his driver's license. I will just be waiting for the crash and my only question is how much of the country will be destroyed?

If you like this story digg it.

McCain goes after Obama and his "Chicago Machine"

Hat Tip: Patriot room

Looks like McCain is going to pull out all the stops in order to win this election. He should he's not running for class President. He's running for President of the U.S.

Video of Democrats blocking regulation on Fannie and Freddie

This video is great. It shows while Republicans were warning about the Fannie and Freddie mess the Democrats were saying it's not a problem.